Clear insights make for smart decisions.

Unite your data with Command Centre.

Because the brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than words, we collate, simplify and visualise your data.

In the digital space, you have 15 mins to fix a crisis. Command Centre creates time to do this.

  • Unite teams around critical insights
  • Make visualised data a daily essential
  • Understand conversational peaks
  • Dive into your data in one click
  • Know customer feeling with Sentiment
business intelligence

Access your insights from any device to instantly understand your brand presence and fix customer issues.

Improve your chance of winning business by up to 300% with a data-driven approach.

  • Research client profiles before pitching
  • Impress with animated visualisations
  • Incorporate your own pitch creative
  • Show brand Sentiment from IBM Watson
business intelligence

Our users see us as trusted business partners, not nice-to-have tools, because we’re in the room with them.

An engaged workforce is more productive and more profitable.

  • Unite with organic, visible social content
  • Stream multiple displays and locations
  • Spot negative trends in real-time
  • Act before they gather critical mass
  • Reduce churn through transparency
business intelligence

We make every single person in your organisation a brand ambassador.

Make preparation insightful, the experience interactive and the execution flawless.

  • Track the pre, live and post-show data
  • Capture and visualise all conversation
  • Project Twitter, FB and Instagram walls
  • Build robust mission control centres
  • Audiences not only attend, but integrate
business intelligence

With Buzz Radar, your learnings happen whilst the event is running and you adjust on-the-fly.

Don’t wait for success. See campaign reactions in real-time, and adjust intelligently.

  • Use Watson Sentiment for critical opinions
  • Leverage our automatic alert engine
  • Boost media intelligently for increased ROI
  • Know share of traffic against competitors
  • Capture all mentions around your campaign
business intelligence

We’re helping businesses get the most out of their money, one post at a time.

Benefit from new and effective ways to illuminate your data.

 My Content

Upload creative media to a central library and construct multiple playlists. Drag and drop to decide on an effective order, then send to any dashboard in an instant. Build stunning channels that combine creative content alongside organic insights.

Most Talked About Data

Use our critical tools to add significant value. With a comprehensive redesign, it’s even easier to know the most talked about subjects, brands or hashtags. Send this to insightful visualisations and you’ve got real-time power.

Intuitive Charts

Connect faster with animated, zoomable charts. Download data in more formats than ever before; you can even annotate them on the fly within the interface to collaborate during meetings.

What is new in V3?


Get more control over public facing data. Blend different social feeds into one list, view the list in a different media formats, moderate and collate groups of mentions all in one place. Also see mentions roll in in real-time with a Live Stream for each feed.

Data Mentions

Utilise a Live Stream from each data feed to easily see the latest mentions. View stats and most effective content individually for more control and to see greater depth in your data.

Dashboard Editor

Build, edit and preview your Dashboards quicker than before. With faster loading times and no scrolling lag, you can see which visualisations are used in each dashboard before opening.

An expanded visualisation inventory works for your data harder.

Personality Insights

Utilising our powerful algorithm, we can show the sentiment across a set of data. This is incredibly useful for campaign and product launches. It takes this feed out of the Insights Platform and into the Visualisation Dashboard as a pie chart format.


Utilising our powerful algorithm, we can show the sentiment across a set of data. This is incredibly useful for campaign and product launches. It takes this feed out of the Insights Platform and into the Visualisation Dashboard as a pie chart format.

Line Graph

A powerful new addition to our visualisation library, you can set your parameters and benchmark progress versus competitors. See it animated over time, giving you insight into performance progression.

Social Tracking

Access award-winning social tracking capability across nearly all major social channels.

Capturing all the data available: Real-time tracking of every data point and mention accessible. Transparently, ethically and GDPR compliant.
Advanced Multi Language Sentiment: Via Watson Alchemy Language API.
Owned Channel Tracking: Best in class tracking measurement and visualisation of all social channel performance.
Post Performance Monitoring: Measuring real-time and historical engagement of owned social content.
Real-time Competitor Analysis: Across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Paid Media Analysis

Receive insights and detailed reports on your performance for Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

Intelligent Alerts: Keep an eye on your paid media investments 24/7 and prevent costly anomalies like overspend or saturation.
Analysis: Track all your campaigns, not only the top spenders.
Recommendations: Receive proactive insights and actions to maximize ROI.

News & PR Monitoring

Capture and analyze data from all your PR campaigns across over 3 Million news outlets and blogs.

Quantify your PR impact
Know your share of voice
Understand how audience feel about your brand
Build Clippings lists in moments
Be Alerted to impending PR crisis

Providing fast, clear and actionable data-driven insights is at the core of what we deliver. Command Centre is an excellent platform for us to help engage and inform our clients, in real-time, when it comes to what is happening in and around their brand.

Thomas Hirschmann - Digital Insights Director, Mindshare

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