Clear insights make for
smart decisions.

Unite your data with Command Centre.

Since the brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than words, we collate, simplify and visualise data to produce powerful solutions. It’s business intelligence made easy.

In the digital space, you have 15 mins to fix a crisis. Command Centre creates time to do this.

  • Unite teams around critical insights
  • Make part of essential daily listening
  • Understand conversational peaks
  • Dive deeper to assess social content
  • Leverage a powerful sentiment engine
business intelligence

Through shared dashboards and a collaborative view, Buzz Radar gives you the tools to understand and the confidence to fix.

You’re three times more likely to win business by employing a data-driven approach.

  • Use our powerful insights platform
  • Research client profiles before pitching
  • Create real-time animated visualisations
  • Incorporate your own creative material
  • Impress with up-to-the-minute data
business intelligence

Our users see us as trusted business partners, not nice-to-have tools, because we’re in the room with them.

An engaged workforce is more productive and more profitable.

  • Unite with organic, visible social content
  • Use multiple displays and locations
  • Spot negative trends in real-time
  • Act before they gather critical mass
  • Reduce churn through transparency
business intelligence

We make every single person in your organisation a solution-focused problem solver.

Make preparation insightful, the experience interactive and the execution flawless.

  • Track lead up, during and post reactions
  • Capture and visualise all conversation
  • Use Twitter, Vine and Instagram walls
  • Build robust mission control centres
  • Audiences integrate, not just attend
business intelligence

With Buzz Radar, your retrospective happens whilst the event is running.

Don’t wait for success. See campaign reactions in real-time, and adjust intelligently.

  • See sentiment data for critical opinions
  • Leverage our automatic alert engine
  • Boost media smartly for increased ROI
  • See share of traffic against competitors
  • Know all mentions from your campaign
business intelligence

We’re helping businesses get the most out of their money, one post at a time.

business intelligence

Capture with

Unite your data points to get animated and engaging HTML5 dashboards, out-of-the-box and live in minutes.

Fold in your content and competitor info, integrate this into your marketing ecosystem and share across any device.

business intelligence

Understand with

Use real-time visualisations and organic social to spot trends, track campaigns and research brands or products.

Command Centre amplifies comprehension and helps you formulate collaborative strategy through smart business intelligence.

business intelligence

Engage with

Take your actionable plans to market with credible data to back them up and win, retain and upsell business.

Maximise ROI, increase value of paid social and evolve your organisation with data-driven development.

Providing fast, clear and actionable data-driven insights is at the core of what we deliver. Command Centre is an excellent platform for us to help engage and inform our clients, in real-time, when it comes to what is happening in and around their brand.

Thomas Hirschmann - Digital Insights Director, Mindshare

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